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There are many ways to build a chicken coop for the absolute beginner. I have found three great places to start. A monthly blog post, some small building stuff, as well as a good book that walks you through the process of building a chicken farm. After you have built your first coop all you need to do is maintain it correctly. You should make sure to check your coop at least once a week to ensure it is safe and secure. Chickens can be very delicate creatures and can be killed very easily if they get into danger while they are in their coop.

How to build A weekly Post

The best book on how to build a chicken coop is actually called “The DIY Chicken Coop Kit”. This book was created by a chicken farmer enthusiast. It covers all aspects of building chicken coops. You will find that this is a really great guide because it covers everything from the actual design of the coop to the details of the actual construction. With the right information you can be sure that your loop will be done professionally and that it will be sturdy enough to protect your chickens.

I recommend that you get a good guide, such as “The DIY Chicken Coop Kit”, if you want to build chicken coops. It will give all the information needed to build quality coops. Although it is a bit more expensive than other guides, it is well worth the investment to ensure your chickens are safe. Building a good quality coop yourself is really not that hard if you have the proper tools.

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